National Executive Committee

  • Marcia Manong (President) 
  • Dolos Luka (1st Deputy President) 
  • Lulamile Bodla (2nd Deputy President) 
  • Buzani Mnguni (Treasurer) 
  • Nomthandazo Zwane (Secretary) 
  • Bernie Dolley 
  • Gosiame Choabi 
  • Victor Thoka 
  • Farell Hunter 


The NEC serves as the Board of SANGOCO, and has fiduciary responsibilities that it must fulfill. Whilst the responsibility lies with the Board as acollective, sub-committees are instituted to assist in the smooth running of the organization, and allow for decision making regarding matters thatfall within the jurisdiction of some of these sub-committees. Care must be taken that ultimately the Board functions and its powers are not usurped by the sub-committees. 

In the main, the sub-committees are instituted to address the following: 

  • To give responsibility to Board members and to engage their interests more fully. 
  • To provide additional capacity to the organisation to get tasks done.
  • To develop capacity of the Board members in the leadership of groups. 
  • To engage other skilled people and like-minded agencies and tap into their knowledge to enhance the functioning of the organisation.
  • To give outside contributions to the Board (and to get buy-in from broader groups to the running of organisation– including staff).
  • Subcommittees can be either Standing committees or can be more short-term Task teams Ad hoc committees. 

Regulation of Sub-committees 

As indicated above, measures should be put in place that these sub-committees are regulated lest they undermine rather than enhance the smooth functioning of the Board. As the basis for regulating the sub-committees, it must be understood that these sub-committees are:

  • Mandated by Board resolutions to oversee one aspect of the implementation of the strategic plan of the National Secretariat. 
  • Must be headed by a Board member. 
  • Are accountable to the Board. 
  • Are composed of at least the Executive Director (as convenor) and/or his/or her representative and 2 other Board member plus any other representatives by invitation (not on Board, staff, etc). 
  • Executive Director (or delegated staff member/ convenor) to make sure that information required by the committees is available for decision-making (all requests to go via the Executive Director). 
  • To develop an annual plan of action with dates for delivery. 

Has an advisory role and only makes recommendations.

Committee name Terms of reference Committee members (proposed) Proposed portfolio head Convenor
Human Resources & provincialisation To ensure that SANGOCO’s human resources needs are catered for & performance is monitored & appraised. Furthermore, to ensure that the process of provincialisation is implemented & supported.Oversee and participate (where requested) in the recruitment of personnelAdvise on the consolidation of provincialisation processServe as disciplinary committee of the Board/ NECOversee the process of staff appraisals, including appraising the EDOversee the process of staff skills developmentOversee the process of organizational leadership development Farrell Hunter , Marcia Manong & Dolos Luka Farell Hunter Operations Manager
Finance & audit To ensure that that SANGOCO’s finances are utilised within the agreed budget, and sign off on the audited statements.Oversee the budgeting & finance utilization processApprove budget adjustments in between Board/ NEC meetingsOversee the audit processRecommend auditors to the Board Buzani Mnguni, Bernie Dolley & Lulamile Bodla Buzani Mnguni Finance & Administration Manager
Resource mobilization & investments To ensure that a sound financial sustainability strategy is developed and implemented, resulting in increased resources and diversified funding streams for SANGOCO.Oversee the development and continuous alignment of an income generation strategyEnsure that targets are set for income to be generated based on approved projects and agreed budgetsOversee and ensure proper management of partnerships relating to income generationAdvise and oversee the investments ventures of SANGOCO Bernie Dolley, Gosiame Choabi & Nomthandazo Zowane Bernie Dolley Executive Director
Media, Communications & stakeholder relations To ensure that SANGOCO’s views and positions are represented effectively, correctly & on time in all forms of the media.Approve press statements, articles etc before they are releasedBe available to make comments to the media as spokesperson’s for SANGOCO Marcia Manong, Lulamile Bodla & Buzani Mnguni Marcia Manong Media & Communications Manager
Programme implementation & monitoring To ensure that SANCOGO’s programmes are implemented based on resolutions of the national assembly, locating the National Secretariat as the coordination & facilitation hub, and provinces, sectors and members as the implementing agencies.Oversee the development & implementation of annual workplansAdvise on how to involve members on projects, events & campaignsMonitor the impact of programmes implementedAdvise on deployment of members in different for a, and oversee accountability to the Board/ NEC Nomthandazo Zwane ,Farell Hunter & Victor Thoka Nomthandazo Zwane Programmes Manager
Ad-hoc committee: NGO Week 2005, Katlego Awards& 10 Year Celebrations To advise and oversee that the strategic objectives & implementation of NGO Week, Katlego Awards & 10-year celebrations in 2005 are successful.Oversee the development of the programme for NGO Week 2005, including the hosting of the NGO Week 2005.Oversee the plan for hosting the Katlego Awards in 2005, as well as the selection of judges, nomination and selection of winners. Also oversee the hosting of the Awards ceremony.Oversee the diary of events leading to the 10-year celebrations of SANGOCO, including the hosting of agreed events. Gosiame Choabi, Dolos Luka & Victor Thoka Gosiame Choabi Operations Manager