Research Department

We all know that “knowledge is power” and this is more the case for the poor communities in particular and the non-profit sector generally whose access to strategic information can be used as a critical lobbying tool to mobilise and build power in their fight to eradicate poverty. 

Since poverty is a multi-complex phenomenon, we recognise that the nature of the research needs in SANGOCO will also be diverse. Thus, our aim is to promote and facilitate research outcomes and practices that will enhance the strength of the organisation, be this via campaigns or policy engagements. 

The value we add: 

If our voice is to be heard and our work to have impact, our actions must be well founded and be research-based. 

The Policy and Research Department is currently commencing research on:

  • The NPO Tax Law and other NPO law related matters
  • APRM – African Peer Review Mechanism
  • Poverty Alleviation; Strategies and Social Development
  • The Millennium Development Goals in a South African perspective
  • The Department of Social Development’s Impact assessment on the Non-Profit Directorate

Additionally, we are currently working on providing a resource and reference bank, which will add useful material and links of use for members, sectors and campaigns to that already found elsewhere on this website. 

In relation to policy, the mandate of the Policy and Research Department will be to:

  • Promote the interest of SANGOCO members through our participation in, and support of, reference teams / national steering committees and conferences
  • Provide a policy paper that, in a comprehensive manner, outlines the policies agreed on by SANGOCO members
  • Perform needs assessments and provide capacity-building for provincial offices and member organisations
  • Provide support for leadership at all levels of the organisation