Tax Amnesty

Following approaches by a number of members to the head office of SANGOCO concerning inclusion in the tax amnesty campaign of the SA Receiver of Revenue (SARS), we are pleased that SARS is engaging us.

According to SARS:

” Tax exempt Non-Profit Organisations… may be exempt from the payment of income tax, you may still be liable for the payment of other taxes including PAYE and VAT. As such, you may qualify for the small business tax amnesty. To find out more about the amnesty and its implications for tax exempt organisations such as non-profits, charitable organisations, social societies, educational institutions, and all other kinds of tax exempt institutions, you are invited to send a representative to attend one of the following workshops:

Given that most of our members are resource challenged we welcome the efforts by SARS to create awareness and include civil society organisations to make use of the tax amnesty opportunity. We believe that this will create larger opportunities for the sector in terms of accountability, reporting and social and corporate giving.